Walter Westrupp


• musik-anarchist •
• objectartist •

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Der Artikel von Jan Reetze über R.U.K.

This hompepage shows the activities of the german multiinstrumentalist Walter Westrupp. Born 1946 in Krumbach/Schwaben/Germany, grown up in Essen near by the Ruhr, risen for making music with trumpets and trombones, predestinated to play the ukulele in diverse groups, never becoming tired in the search of good old skiffle & jugband music - and from there still active. In early days member in trombone bands and chantries, then the step to skiffle and jazz with the Night Reveller Skiffle Group Essen and the University Jazz Band Bochum, after that the side trip with Bernd Witthüser into the Krautrock. 1973-2008 frontman in the Skiffle- & Jugband Walter h.c. Meier Pumpe, in addition a little social critical phase with Frank Baier in the duo BaierWestrupP, followed by a duo with the german guitar player Heri Horstig called Dabbelju Jugband with selected old blues, jazz, skiffle and swing. Last music project was a soloproject with his 1 Man Skiffle Band

In 2004-2005 Walter Westrupp produced the DVD Als wäre es gestern erst gewesen: 90 minutes movies and pictures - old material out of the w&w-archive. It includes videos from TV-Shows and documentations, showing the way of Witthüser & Westrupp from 1968 to 1973, also - after this time - Bernds activities with Otto&Bärnelli and Walter with his band Walter h.c.Meier Pumpe
Special highlights on the DVD are films shot in 1968:
1. the story of a W&W-invention: the sensationel 
tea bag heaving mashine (enlightenment, creation and examples of use) and 
2. Walters
solo-concert for electric coffee mill with rockband and orchestra.

Since 2000 Walter Westrupp is writing in an never finished multimedia online-book 68er nach Noten in which he tells the story of W&W and about the time between 1967-1973. He recalls Hippies, Slobs, Krautrock, the International Essen Songdays 68, the Fehmarn-festival 1970 on hand from stories, photos, movies and videos, soundfiles, lyrics - and a lot more: if your are interested in have a look here (sorry: it´s only in german) Der Artikel von Jan Reetze über R.U.K.