In only 4 active years the german folkrock duo W & W became a popularity which is still great.

the german folk-duo Witthueser and Westrupp 1969 on Waldeck bourgh

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This legendary german folkrock-duo more or less invented the cosmic-folk genre. They started busking in the streets together in the mid-sixties. In 1967 Bernd Witthuser became the manager of the 'Podium' folk club in Essen. His greatest achievement as a manager was the manager of the 'Internationale Essener Songtage' in Autumn 1968. Walter Westrupp was from 1965 to 1968 the leader of Night Reveller Skiffle Group. He learnt to play bassoon and trumpet in a bassoon ensemble, did his first recordings with a choir and played in a baroque ensemble. Lieder von Vampiren, Nonnen und Toten (1970) was in fact issued as a Witthuser solo- album, although Westrupp participated on all the recordings. It was the third release on Ohr, one of  those that had a balloon attached to a cut-in on the front cover. Trips und Traume (1971) was their second album, an enormous development on the first one musically. To describe music of the German equivalent to the Incredible String Band one often used the phrase 'cosmic-folk'. The album had outstanding tracks like "Orienta" and the all-time 'weed' anthem "Nimm Einen Joint, Mein Freund". Der Jesuspilz (1972) was a strange concept album, tending toward a more progressive-folk direction, with more instrumental work. Bauer Plath (1972) featured guests from Wallenstein and was more varied in nature, perhaps the Witthuser & Westrupp album that was closest to conventional progressive rock. Something seemed to break the cosmic due's relationship and in 1973 they went their separate ways. A retrospective double live set from different concerts in 1973 appeared on Kosmische Musik as their last offering. 
Westrupp later went on to record with
Baier-Westrupp and his Skiffle&Jug-Band Walter h.c. Meier Pumpe , meanwhile Witthuser started a career as street-musician in Italy within the duo Otto & Bärnelli. In 2003 he started a solo career playing the old W&W-songs.

In 2004-2005 Walter Westrupp produced the DVD Als wäre es gestern erst gewesen.
90 minutes movies and pictures - old material out of the w&w-archive. 
It includes movies from TV-Shows and documentations, showing the way of W&W  1968-1973, also - after this time - Bernd with Otto&Bärnelli and Walter with his Walter h.c.Meier Pumpe. Special highlights on the DVD are films shot in 1968:
1. the story of a W&W-invention: the sensationel "
tea bag heaving mashine" (enlightenment, creation and examples of use) and 
2. Walters
solo-concert for electric coffee mill with rockband and orchestra.

Since 2000 Walter Westrupp is writing in an never finished multimedia online-book "68er nach Noten" in which he tells the story of W&W and about the time between 1967-1973. He recalls Hippies, Slobs, Krautrock, the International Essen Songdays 68, the Fehmarn-festival 1970 on hand from stories, photos, films, soundfiles, lyrics - and a lot more: if your are interested look here (but sorry: it´s only on german) Der Artikel von Jan Reetze über R.U.K.

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